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The hearing evaluates the landscape of China’s cyber capabilities and its implications for U.S. interests. The first panel provides an assessment of China’s perspective on cyberwarfare, focusing specifically on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)’s doctrine and capabilities in this domain. The second panel explores China’s motivations and capabilities for cyberespionage. The third panel evaluates…
In Focus: Shein’s Rapid Growth Accompanied by Controversy
This hearing assesses elite politics in China and expectations for the 20th Party Congress. It explores CCP leaders' decision-making and the policy formation process across economic, foreign, and security policy, including assessments of relevant personnel and policy bodies.
This report surveys the history behind the China-North Korea relationship and examines the strategic rift between the two countries that recently rekindled Beijing’s longstanding fear that North Korea could jeopardize China’s interests in negotiations with the United States and South Korea. It also analyzes the steps Beijing has taken in recent years to forestall any attempt by Pyongyang to stray…
The Commission invites proposals for a report on the demographics of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and personnel challenges associated with PLA recruitment and retention.
Quarterly Review of China’s Economy
The Commission invites proposals for a report on China’s National Public Information Platform for Transportation and Logistics (LOGINK) and other Chinese technologies and services involved in global shipping and logistics.
In Focus – Chinese Ports
This hearing assesses changes in Hong Kong’s legal system, media, civil society, and special designation under U.S. trade practices; explores the Chinese government’s increased regulation of markets and data, including new measures affecting foreign-listed Chinese companies and implications for U.S. investors; and addresses the current status of U.S. foreign investment review and export control…