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The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission invites submission of proposals to provide a concise, one-time unclassified report on China’s energy requirements, diversification plans, and import and export practices and policies. Proposals must be submitted by June 25, 2021 at 5:30 pm ET.
In crafting ECRA, Congress entrusted the U.S. Department of Commerce with implementing its intent for strengthening U.S. export control laws, but the Department of Commerce has, to date, failed to carry out its responsibilities.
The hearing examines China's political, economic, and security engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean. The opening panel examines China's overall approach to engagement with Latin American and Caribbean countries, identifies Beijing's main objectives and strategies, and considers their implications for countries in the region as well as the United States. The second panel assesses…
Quarterly Review of China’s Economy
In Focus: Two Sessions and 14th Five-Year Plan
The hearing examines the Chinese Communist Party's economic ambitions, shifts in decision making, and prospects for success. The first panel discusses the current political and economic conditions and policy decisions in China, with an assessment of the risks and metrics shaping the CCP's policy decisions. The second panel examines the tools, trends, and techniques observed in China's economic…
This document covers executive actions taken by the Administration of President Donald Trump directed at China. Executive actions include (1) executive orders from the president and (2) other significant measures taken by federal agencies relating to U.S.-China policy.
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought unprecedented attention to challenges in China’s domestic healthcare system. The report reviews those challenges and examines the efforts of China’s policymakers to address them.
The hearing examines the Chinese government's use of capital markets to advance its technology and defense capabilities and evaluate the risks of U.S. investors' capital being leveraged for such ends. The first panel examines the evolving role of the state in China's capital markets, including the Chinese Communist Party's involvement in corporate governance. The second panel reviews China's…
In Focus – Food Security