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In Focus – Central Economic Work Conference
China’s ambitious Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) comprises a nation-wide data-gathering effort intended to regulate corporate behavior. This report describes the policy background, present function, and ultimate vision for this system as identified by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
Under a “state-led, enterprise-driven” approach, Chinese firms have significantly expanded their presence in extractive industries in African countries over the past three decades. This substantial economic footprint has bolstered China's energy security and positioned Chinese firms to control critical segments of global supply chains and enjoy unparalleled access to Africa's emerging consumer…
This issue brief examines China’s efforts to use the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), an organization originally founded by China, Russia, and Central Asian countries, as a platform to project power and influence beyond China’s borders. The paper analyzes the power projection capabilities and diplomatic agreements China is developing through the SCO and assesses the implications of China’…
In focus – Trends in supply chain realignment
In focus – China’s 2060 carbon neutrality pledge
The report examines Beijing's ecosystem of programs and incentives designed to exploit the expertise of Chinese students and scholars studying in STEM fields at universities in the United States and other advanced countries. This ecosystem leverages the scientific and technical knowledge Chinese researchers acquire while abroad to benefit China’s commercial and defense sectors.
The hearing evaluates key developments in China's economy, military capabilities, and foreign relations, during 2020. Panelists address the Chinese Communist Party's perceptions of its strategic environment and domestic legitimacy, as well as recent changes in its approach to foreign policy; assesses China's current strengths and weaknesses in its foreign policy, military capabilities, and…