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The hearing assesses China's energy, investment, and economic interests in the Middle East; examines China's diplomatic engagement with Middle Eastern countries and Beijing's efforts to shape an alternative world order; and considers China's security interests and activities in the Middle East.
Key Events and Statements Summarizing China’s Position on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine from February 21, 2022 onward.
The hearing assesses China's capabilities and concepts to prevent, block, or blunt U.S. military actions in the Indo-Pacific, examines U.S. efforts to contest and defeat China's counter-intervention capabilities, and considers perspectives of U.S. allies on China's military capabilities and the implications for regional security architecture.
The hearing addresses safety and quality of consumer imports from China and U.S. detection and response to risks; examines how shifts in global trade patterns affect U.S. supply chain resiliency; and assesses the PRC government's support for its domestic manufacturing sector and impact of these policies on China and the United States.
This report, prepared for the Commission by Exovera’s Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis (CIRA), examines the elaborate and pervasive censorship apparatus used by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to maintain the Party's monopoly on political legitimacy, shape the behavior of China’s citizenry, and control information beyond its borders.
This publication identifies Chinese nationals serving in leadership positions in key international organizations (see full list below). Top leadership positions are broadly defined as positions at the board of directors and senior management team level. The Commission’s work on this subject is informed by the enduring relevance to the Commission’s charter regarding the nature and implications of…
The hearing examines national security risks created by the sale of Chinese IT hardware and software in the U.S. as well as potential tools to regulate their use, China's research in military applications of AI and quantum information science, and China's progress in AI, bio-technology, and battery technology.
As of January 8, 2024, there were 265 Chinese companies listed with a total market capitalization of $848 billion.
This issue brief finds that women have limited representation and voice across the top echelons of China’s political system.
This staff research report details China’s evolving and expanding transnational repression “toolkit.” This toolkit includes “overseas police stations,” intelligence operations targeting Beijing’s critics in foreign countries, efforts to undermine free speech at universities, online harassment, coercion-by-proxy, and abuse of the INTERPOL red notice system, as well as extradition treaties.