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The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission invites submission of proposals to provide a concise, one-time unclassified report on China’s censorship practices.
The hearing reviews case studies of China's influence and interference activities in Taiwan, fellow Five Eyes countries, and the developing world; evaluates how China influences and interferes with foreign countries' political, educational, economic, and media systems to achieve its strategic objectives; and examines China's unique approach to foreign influence in the form of “united front work”…
On February 24, General Secretary Xi Jinping did not make an expected “peace speech” to mark the first anniversary of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Instead, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a “position paper.” Leading up to this publication, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs embarked on a narrative campaign to criticize U.S. foreign and domestic policies and attempt to…
Key Events and Statements Summarizing China’s Position on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine from February 21, 2022 onward.
This staff research report explores the “one-stop shop” dispute resolution center for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)-related commercial disputes. The report concludes with implications for the United States.
The hearing assesses the state of education in China and its interconnection with China's economic growth and development; examines how China's higher education system advances growth, knowledge, and innovation; and evaluates China's education policies aimed at promoting strategic and emerging industries and the implications for strategic competition with the United States.
Chinese Firm Agrees to Oil Extraction Deal with Taliban
The hearing reviews the concepts and strategy of China's military diplomacy, evaluates how China uses overseas military activities to improve capabilities and access for the People's Liberation Army, and examines China’s foreign military sales and acquisition of foreign military equipment and technology.
As of September 30, 2022, there were 262 Chinese companies listed on these U.S. exchanges with a total market capitalization of $775 billion.