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"The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission is watching the events now unfolding in Hong Kong with great concern.  We support an open and democratic system in Hong Kong based on universal suffrage, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly.  As called for in the Basic Law, Hong Kong should have a high degree of autonomy, which is essential to maintaining its long-term stability and prosperity.  To do so, we urge Hong Kong’s leadership to adopt an election process based on universal suffrage which provides a genuine choice of candidates representing the true aspirations of the Hong Kong people."
"Hong Kong’s traditions of openness and freedom are well-established. We urge Hong Kong and Chinese authorities to exercise restraint and to respect protestors’ right to continue to express their views on Hong Kong's future in a peaceful manner."
On November 19, the Commission will publicly release its annual report, which will include recommendations to Congress on Hong Kong.