July 2017 Trade Bulletin

Highlights of This Month’s Edition

·         Bilateral trade: In May, U.S. experiences the highest goods trade deficit with China since October 2016.

·         Bilateral policy issues: U.S. beef and dairy products regain access to China’s markets, but low levels of traceable U.S. beef remain an obstacle; Chinese chicken in final stages of gaining approval for export to the U.S. market; China approves two U.S. biotech crops for import, but structural causes behind delays for biotech approval remain.

·         Policy trends in China’s economy: MSCI includes 222 China A-shares in its Emerging Markets Index, an important step toward opening China’s capital markets to foreign investors.

·         Sector focus – Payments: In China’s payments sector, U.S. companies face regulatory challenges and stiff domestic competition, while Chinese companies are starting to access the U.S. market.