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Aubrey Waddick

Senior Policy Analyst, Economics and Trade

Aubrey Waddick is a Senior Policy Analyst on the Economics and Trade team at the Commission. Prior to joining, she was the director of research policy for a non-profit in Annapolis, Maryland. She received a PhD in Political Science and Asian Studies from Penn State in 2022, where she conducted research on China’s external economic relations as a National Science Foundation fellow. Aubrey holds an MA in Political Science from Penn State, and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Augustana College. 

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • China’s economic statecraft, including financing, investment, and trade with developing states
  • U.S.-China bilateral trade and investment
  • U.S.-China economic decoupling and de-risking 
  • Europe’s relations with China and Transatlantic cooperation (supported 2023 hearing)
  • China’s domestic economy