Hearing: The Memoranda of Understanding Between the U.S. and China Regarding Prison Labor Products

June 19, 2008

Room 418, Russell Senate Office Building
Delaware and Constitution Avenue, NE
Washington, DC  20510

Hearing Co-Chairs: Chairman Larry Wortzel and Commissioner Peter Videnieks


Opening Statements

  • Opening Statement of Commissioner Peter Videnieks [Remarks]

Panel I: The State of Prison Labor in China’s Prison System

  • A general discussion of the status of prisoners and prison labor in China’s prison and “laogai” system          
  • A discussion of products produced by prison labor which may have been exported for sale in the United States
  • Mr. Harry Wu, Executive Director of The Laogai Foundation, Washington, D.C. [Testimony]
  • Mr. Gary Marck, Partner at Marck & Associates, Toledo, OH [Testimony]
  • Mr. Dan Ellis, Attorney at Lydy & Moan LLP, Toledo, OH [Testimony]

Panel II: The State of Chinese Compliance with the Prison Labor MOU / Administration Perspectives

    • A discussion of the provisions of the agreements made between the U.S. and China regarding prison labor products
    • A discussion of the Chinese government’s state of compliance with the Prison Labor MOU