Hearing: China’s Military Modernization and Cross-strait Balance

September 15, 2005

Room 385 Russell Building
Delaware and Constitution Avenues, NE
Washington , DC 20510

co-Chairs: Commissioners Stephen Bryen (Taiwan), Thomas Donnelly (Military-Defense), and Chairman Dick D’Amato



  • Commissioner Thomas Donnelly [Remarks]
  • Chairman C. Richard D'Amato [Remarks]
  • Vice Chairman Roger Robinson [Remarks]

Panel I: Congressional Perspectives

  • Representative Rob Simmons (R-CT) [Remarks]

PPanel II: Administration Perspectives

  • Mr. James Keith, Senior Advisor for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, Department of State, Washington, DC [Testimony]

Panel III: China’s Military Modernization and Force Deployments

  • Rear Admiral Eric McVadon, USN (Retired), Director, Asia-Pacific Studies, Institute of Foreign Policy Analysis, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Dr. Laurent Murawiec, Sr. Fellow, Hudson Institute, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese, Chair, National Security Decision Making Dept., Naval War College, Newport, RI [Testimony]
  • Mr. Dennis Blasko, Independent Consultant, Atlantic Beach, FL [Testimony]

Panel IV: U.S. Force Posture in the Pacific

  • Dr. Roger Cliff, Sr. Analyst, International and Security Policy, RAND, Arlington, VA [Testimony]
  • Dr. James Mulvenon, Director for Advanced Studies, Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Kurt Campbell, Director International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC

Panel V: Taiwan’s Self-Defense Needs and Risks to the United States

  • Mr. Dan Blumenthal, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Thomas J. Christensen, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ [Testimony]
  • Mr. Fu S. Mei, Editor, Director, Taiwan Security Analysis Center (TAISAC), NYC, NY [Testimony]
  • Dr. Adam Cobb, Associate Professor, Dept. of Warfighting Strategy, USAF Air War College, Montgomery, AL [Testimony]

Panel VI: How Are Evolving Political, Economic and Social Realities Affecting the Cross-strait Balance?

  • Dr. Richard Bush, Senior Researcher, The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Mr. Merritt T. (Terry) Cooke, Managing Director, G3C Strategy, Bryn Mawr, PA [Testimony]
  • Dr. Vincent Wei-cheng Wang, Dept. of Political Science, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA [Testimony]