Hearing: China’s Military and Security Activities Abroad

March 4, 2009

Room 418 Russell Senate Office Building
Delaware and Constitution Avenues, NE
Washington, DC 20510

Hearing Co-Chairs: Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew and Vice Chairman Larry Wortzel


Opening Statements

  • Opening Statement of Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew [Remarks]
  • Opening Statement of Vice Chairman Larry Wortzel [Remarks]

Panel I:  Administration Perspective

  • Mr. John J. Norris, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Mr. David Sedney, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asian Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense, Washington, DC [Testimony]

Panel II: The PLA’s Domestic and Foreign Activities and Orientation

  • Dr. Bernard Cole, Professor of International History, National War College, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Mr. Daniel Hartnett, China Analyst, CNA Corporation, Alexandria, VA [Testimony]

Panel III: China’s Expanding Military and Security Influence

  • RADM Eric McVadon, USN (Ret.), Director of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Inc., Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Ms. Susan L. Craig, Author of “Chinese Perceptions of Traditional and Non-traditional Threats,” Hawaii [Testimony]

Panel IV: China’s Military Operations Abroad

  • Dr. Paul J. Smith, Associate Professor, Naval War College, Newport, RI [Testimony]
  • Dr. Michael Auslin, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC [Testimony]
  • Mr. Chin-hao Huang, Researcher, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Stockholm, Sweden [Testimony]