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Ryan Mangefrida

Ryan Mangefrida
Policy Analyst, Security and Foreign Affairs

Ryan Mangefrida is a Policy Analyst on the Security and Foreign Affairs team at the Commission. He previously served as a Budget Analyst at the Department of Defense (DoD) managing the execution of part of the Department’s Science and Technology portfolio. Prior to his employment at DoD, he worked as a research specialist at a Virginia-based business intelligence firm. Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s in International & Global Studies and Political Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Ryan acquired Chinese language capabilities while living and studying in Shanghai. He is currently pursuing a China-focused MS in Washington, D.C.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • PLA military capabilities and budget
  • PLA’s political commissar system
  • Chinese influence and intelligence operations
  • China’s soft power
  • Chinese diaspora policy
  • China and international law (supported 2023 hearing)
  • Taiwan

Published Research