Kristien Bergerson

Senior Policy Analyst, Security and Foreign Affairs

Kristien Bergerson is a Senior Policy Analyst on the Security and Foreign Affairs Team at the Commission, where he follows China’s military capabilities. He writes on China’s military modernization efforts, operational capabilities, contingency planning, exercises and training, and military reforms.  Prior to joining the Commission in 2015, he served as a Senior Intelligence Analyst monitoring Chinese military operations in the Asia Pacific Regional Center at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). While working for DIA, he served as an analyst with the Defense Attaché Office in Tokyo, Japan. He has written for the President’s Daily Brief, the Defense Intelligence Digest, and contributed to National Intelligence Estimates. He also worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence as a Northeast Asia Naval Forces Analyst and stood watch at the Pentagon’s National Joint Military Intelligence Center. Kristien earned his Master of Arts degree in National Security Studies from California State University San Bernardino and a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Southern Oregon University.


Published Research