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Jonathon P. Sine

Policy Analyst, Economics and Trade

Jon Sine is a Policy Analyst on the Economics and Trade team at the Commission. Prior to joining the Commission he worked on the China team at Rhodium Group, researching China's banking system and industrial policies. Jon earned an MA in International Political Economy from Johns Hopkins SAIS, concentrating on China's domestic economy. At SAIS, Jon served as Web Editor of The SAIS Review, the school’s academic journal, while working as Research Assistant to Professor Daniel Markey during publication of his book, China's Western Horizon. Before that, Jon worked in a number of areas, including the strategic advisory and non-profit spaces. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a BA in Political Economy and a minor in Corporate Finance.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  • China’s banking, financial, and fiscal structures at central and local levels
  • China’s political system and policy implementation process
  • China’s macroeconomic structure; imbalances, externalities, and trade craft; U.S. trade tools (supported 2022 hearing)
  • U.S.-China competition in securing vulnerable global supply chains (supported 2022 hearing)
  • China’s industrial ecosystem and technology ambitions, including its focus on semiconductors
  • China’s education system (supported 2023 hearing)
  • Comparative history of political institutions and ideology in the USSR and China