RESEARCH: Economics and Trade REPORTS

China’s Rare Earths Industry and its Role in the International Market
Written by USCC Policy Analyst Lee Levkowitz and Research Intern Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga
Chinese Infrastructure and Natural Resources Investments in North Korea
Written by USCC Research Fellow Daniel Gearin
Evaluating a Potential U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty: Background, Context and Implications
Prepared for the USCC by the Economist Intelligence Unit
The 88 Queensway Group: A Case Study in Chinese Investors’ Operations in Angola and Beyond
Written by USCC Staff: Lee Levkowitz, Marta McLellan Ross, and J.R. Warner
An Assessment of China’s Subsidies to Strategic and Heavyweight Industries
Prepared for the USCC by Capitol Trade Incorporated
China’s Soaring Commercial and Financial Power: How it is affecting the US and the World
Prepared for the USCC by Dr. Charles W. McMillion, MBG Information Services
China's Policy of Substantially Undervaluing the Renminbi: A Challenge for the International Monetary and Trading System
Prepared by David A. Hartquist and Jeffrey S. Beckington, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP; and Ariel Collis, Georgetown Economic Services, LLC, September 15, 2008
China’s Global Trade Balance Discrepancy: Hong Kong Entrepôt Effects and Round-Tripping Chinese Capital
Prepared by Yanchun Liu, Matthew M. Kemper, and Dr. Patrick Magrath, Georgetown Economic Services, LLC; and Craig R. Giesze, CRG Consulting Texas, Inc, September 12, 2008
Briefing Paper for USCC Hearing on Research and Development, Technological Advances in Key Industries, and Changing Trade Flows with China
Prepared for the USCC by Dr. Charles W. McMillion, MBG Information Services, July 16, 2008