RESEARCH: Economics and Trade REPORTS

China’s 2014 Government Work Report: Taking Stock of Reforms
This paper provides an overview and assess key points of China’s 2014 Government Work Report’s plans for financial system liberalization, fiscal reform, administrative reform, environmental regulation, urbanization and rural land reform, and healthcare reform.
China’s Hunger for U.S. Planes and Cars: Assessing the Risks
The U.S. trade deficit with China continues to grow but at a slower rate. A key reason for this is the boom in U.S. automotive and aerospace shipments to China. As China becomes more affluent and urbanized, ordinary Chinese are driving more cars and traveling more by frequently by air. China’s future demand, however, could be affected by pollution, traffic bottlenecks, and other factors. U.S. companies must also contend with China’s industrial policy, which tilts the playing field toward domestic industry. In the long run, technology transfer and off-shoring could erode U.S. competitiveness and take business away from U.S. plants.
China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves and Holdings of U.S. Securities
This paper looks at China's foreign exchange reserves and holdings of U.S. Treasuries, and examines China’s efforts to diversify its investments
Should China Join the WTO’s Services Agreement?
USCC economic issue brief prepared by staff on China's petition last October to join the Trade in Services Agreement, a side agreement in the WTO that entered its sixth round of talks in late February.
March 2014 Trade Bulletin
Highlights of this month's edition: Strong increase in exports but overall trade slows; transportation equipment continues strong gains; info technology imports from China decline; Kerry signs climate agreements in Beijing; GAO criticizes administration for lax follow-up on China commitments; AmCham releases member survey; China’s movie market is booming but Hollywood lacks access; disappointment about China’s failure to lift film quota; China sets 2014 growth target at 7.5 percent; shoddy export and FDI data causes confusion; NPLs and lending surge add to concerns over debt bubble; RMB decline ignites speculation
February 2014 Trade Bulletin
Highlights of this month’s edition: 2013 trade deficit with China sets new record; U.S. exports perform well in second half; U.S. challenges China at WTO over noncompliance in GOES case; Lenovo bids for IBM servers and Motorola handsets; China’s real estate boom raises risk of a bubble; China’s property developers begin to invest overseas; China’s economy grows at 7.7 percent in the fourth quarter; leadership and CBRC unveil new leading groups to engineer reform.
Staff Report on Monthly Trade Data with China
Today, the U.S.-China Commission released a "Staff Report on Monthly Trade Data with China."
Staff Report on Monthly Trade Data with China
Today, the U.S.-China Commission released a "Staff Report on Monthly Trade Data with China."