Michael A. McDevitt

RADM (ret) Michael McDevitt is a Senior Fellow at CNA, a Washington DC area non-profit research and analysis company. During his 21 years at CNA he served as a Vice President responsible for strategic analyses, especially in East Asia and the Middle East. He has been involved in US security policy and strategy in the Asia-Pacific for the last 28 years, in both government policy positions and, following his retirement from the US Navy, as an analyst and commentator.

During his 34 year navy career he had four at sea warship commands, including an aircraft carrier battle group. He was the Director of the East Asia and Pacific policy office during the George H.W. Bush Administration, and also served as the Director of Strategy and Policy (J-5) for US Pacific Command. His last assignment before retirement was a Commandant of the National War College in Washington DC. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Georgetown University where his MA focused on US East Asian diplomatic history. He also attended the National War College and spent a year as a Chief of Naval Operations Fellow on the Strategic Study Group at the Naval War College.  

His most recent research includes a study on US Policy Options and the South China Sea, https://www.cna.org/CNA_files/PDF/IOP-2014-U-009109.pdf, and a study of security issues from a maritime perspective  in the Indo-Pacific region https://www.cna.org/CNA_files/PDF/IRP-2013-U-004654-Final.pdf.  Most recently he completed a two-year study on China’s ambition to become a maritime great power https://www.cna.org/cna_files/pdf/IRM-2016-U-013646.pdfhttps://www.cna.org/cna_files/pdf/IRM-2016-U-013646.pdf.